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Start of something new. A phrase that first comes to my mind whenever I am up to something unfamiliar. Today I am using this phrase once more because I am (re)starting in this little space that I once called as “blogging”.


I’ve always wanted to share something in my virtual diary (blog) since I was in college aka the phase that I learned how to use a computer (Yaaass! It was 2009!). At first, it was just a compilation of anything under the rainbow that I like. Then I started to document my life and made it my content hence the watermark of photos on old posts. But after college, I’ve been very busy on my career that I forgotten to revisit my online space. Many things have changed then.


Fastforward to present and I am here once again. Thanks to Kier for encouraging and helping me to put up this new space. ?

I am calling it as “Project Priscilla”. “Project Priscilla” being an operative phrase because I personally believe that I will always be a work-in-progress in all aspects of this quarter life. I know I have a lot to explore and discover to contribute to my personal growth and this blog will be the virtual documentation of everything.



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