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Frequenting in nearby food places and trying out different dish has been a habit with colleagues throughout 2015. Sharing thoughts and talks over a dining table? Why not, right?


One fine noon, we’ve tried Mister Kabab near our office (West Ave. branch) for a Persian-inspired lunch and I must say that it was worth a try! All the meal we ordered are flavorful and tasty! Things I love about Mister Kababincludes their barely-furnished open-air place (that’s perfect for a chill chitchats) and rice served with butter! ♥


Special Chicken Chelo Kabab – P155.00


Sizzling Keema – P150.00


Special Beef Chelo Kabab – P160.00


My personal fave! ♥ Yoghurt Shake (sweet/salty) – P65.00


The gang! Sad that half of this group have left already but we can always re-visit this place soon to have our chillout chitchats! 🙂


You can visit Mister Kabab’s Facebook page and website.


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