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A few days ago, I officially left the silver year aka 25th and finally welcomed the late 20’s. It was a moment of musing about how the journey has been for the last 26 years of my existence — how life have tripped and thrilled me along the way.

It was a tough one I may say. I’m at the point of questioning myself how I’ve spent the last few years of this adulthood — have I spent it wise or not?

But in the end, I prefer to look at how it mold me to be the woman I am today.

I’m 26 (very few recognizes my age correctly because I look waaaay younger), still lazy AF when it comes to getting glammed up or trying to impress people but surely knows how to (when I need to). I hustle as I can. Weekdays are spent working as much for a new business venture, really made out the most of not having a regular job for the past months — while weekends are subject to either lounging at home or travel. A Marketing freak (always am and will always be), thankful how this profession allows me to be creative in any way that is while opening a lot of doors for opportunities — soon I’ll be heading to an exciting path! Learned to weigh which is helping me grow and which to let go. Slowly and willingly convincing my self to opt for home cooked meal than eat outside hence learning other recipes to keep my appetite running. F*cked up body clock but this one’s manageable. Still emotional AF and ugly crying to movies.

Currently happy and contented of how life is turning out and continually striving to do more while enjoying every step of the way. Present mindset: a. Success takes time | b. Struggles are temporary | c. Pain does not last forever | d. Chase dreams not people.

Photos by Kier

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