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Relaxing and unwinding in a spa has been a part of my life nowadays. Since I entered the corporate world, it has been a very effective stress reliever – and a way of self-pampering at the same time. It is my way of recharging and refueling my body every now and then. Because it has been a regular activity, I have been a hunter for affordable spa center in and around the metro –  but this will be the first time that I will be writing about it.


Kaunis Beauty and Wellness Center is a recent discovery and I think it is worth to feature in my first spa review. I have learned of it through Metrodeal and since it is just a 5-minute walking distance away from where I live, I am much more willing to give it a try. J
I have availed of their 60-minute full body signature massage for P99 instead of P580. I was with my best friend, boyfriend and another friend (the two boys are on the other room) when we availed of the deal. We have been welcomed by a nice reception area and staff – though I failed to take a photo of it.


Loved this mood light! ♥


Here is what their room looked like, it was surprisingly bigger than the usual size of other spa rooms I have been into. I am also in-loved  that they are using a sliding door instead of the usually used plain curtain cloth. The staffs are also very accommodating and polite, and that is a plus point for this particular spa. They are also giving tips on how you can avoid having back aches and colds and mildly interviewing about your daily activity to find out what causes those pains.


Le Bestfriend. 


Another reason that I love Kaunis is because of their classy, super clean rest room! I can only count on my fingers the spa that I have into who have a clean (not to mention classy-designed) rest room like this. ♥


I am definitely recommending Kaunis Beauty and Wellness Center.
Kaunis Beauty and Wellness Center
#93 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 352-1409, 0917-7227210
P.S. This is not a sponsored post.


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